I Do Believe in Happy Endings

“Maybe I’m weak for not being able to continue on. Maybe I’m a coward because no matter how hard I try I can’t get out of this rut. Maybe I’m idiotic because I thought I would live a beautiful  life. Maybe this life wasn’t the life I was supposed to live.”

I watched as they lowered Matthew’s body into the ground. I listened half heartedly to the man reciting something he would recite at any funeral. I accepted the hugs from my sisters, the “I’m sorry” from all of Matthew’s fellow cop friends, the “I’m here for you,” from Bridget. What I couldn’t accept was the realization that he was gone. My best friend for so many years was just ripped away from my life in a matter of moments on what was supposed to be the happiest day of our life. Of course I could have blamed it on the ignorant dress karma, or the fact that the universe just wanted us to stay together without bondage. Or I could blame it on the man who decided to end not only one life but two. I guess I couldn’t really blame it on him though. The selfish man decided to take his own life when he was caught. Matthew didn’t have that choice, but then again does anyone?

Bridget tried to get me out of the house, she tried inviting me to her house, she even got Diana to invite me to stay with her for a while. I denied all of their requests, denied the fact that I really did need help, and especially denied the fact that this wouldn’t all just go away on its own. Instead of dealing with things I just sat in my room staring at the photos of him. Every hope of finishing the challenge was thrown in the drain. Quite frankly I didn’t want to continue with anything at all.

“You’re leaving right now.” Bridget yelled at me one fine afternoon. I barely rolled over in bed. “I’m sick and tired of this Caitlin, we all lost him okay? I know he was the love of your life, but he’s gone. You can’t just stop your life because of that, don’t do this to me.” She pestered drawing the blinds. I tucked myself deeper into the blankets. “Caitlin. I love you so much, but if you don’t say anything to me I’m not coming back.” I remained silent. “Caitlin…. Please.” Her voice broke and I shuffled just the slightest bit. “Caitlin, I can’t do this anymore. Every time I come and see you it wears on me… I’ve worked too hard to be happy Cait and every time I come here I’m overwhelmed with grief and sadness, honey. I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry.” I could hear her crying but like the selfish bitch I had become I ignored her. I peaked from under the blanket as Bridget wiped tears from her eyes, I watched her leave me. Matthew had been taken from me but I had pushed Bridget away.

It took me five days to get myself out of bed. I only moved because of hunger and dehydration, not because of some spark of motivation for living. I crept down the steps and into the kitchen, a place I hadn’t been in a good two weeks. Suddenly that spark of motivation hit me. All of the memories of making key lime pie with Matt came back, all the times he had to bend down and fix the dish washer crept into my mind craving for more. I could hear his voice clear as day in my head, his laughter tingled into his every word, I wanted to remember everything at that current point in time and I knew just how to do it.

I slipped my clothes on after a long shower of dematting my hair. Finally I tied my shoes that I hadn’t worn for over three weeks and I walked out of my house into the world. It had been ages since I experienced the sun in my eyes, the longest time since I smelt freshly mown grass beneath my feet. I walked slowly on the sidewalk taking in all of the memories of Matthew and I outside. We had built Bridget’s house in Sunset valley on a day like this, warm but not too warm. We had gone to the Spring Festival together and the flowers looked just alike. I kept moving forward.

The graveyard was quaint, unlike the stereotypical ones you see in the movies. The was no ominous fog rising from the freshly dug graves, there were no empty souls floating about, although I wished Matthew’s would be. Instead I walked to his headstone. His grave had settled by now. His body nestled down under for nearly a month now. I hadn’t come to visit him once and suddenly I felt terrible. I knelt on my knees and cried, I cried because he was gone, that I had let myself go, that I was trying so hard to remember when it shouldn’t of been that difficult. I was becoming a terrible person, I had pushed away my best friend and lost the other, I had transformed into something I had never wanted to, and I had nobody to confide in. “I’m so sorry Matthew.” I whispered, laying down on the freshly sown grass. I stared at the individual strands and closed my eyes.

“Memories are such odd things. I could remember Twinkle getting married and Scarlett being caught in an uproar of flames but for the life of me I could not remember what Matthew was in the military or his least favorite food. I couldn’t remember if he tied his left shoe first or his right. There are so many odd things that I forgot, but they make all the large things seem miniscule. Did I really know him of I forgot what shoe he tied first? Of course, but it’s the small things that make relationships flourish, and it hurt me to believe that I had forgotten these things that once made me smile uncontrollably.”

Five hours. That’s how long it took me to sit at Matthew’s grave. That’s how long it took me to realize that he tied his right shoe first, then his left. That’s how long it took my mind to tell me that his least favorite food was lasagna even though he liked spaghetti and cheese a lot. It took my mind five hours to realize that he was just an officer in the military, that he wanted to live in a blue house not a yellow one, that he adored picket fences just like I did but he didn’t especially want one. My mind needed five hours to wrap around the fact that his laugh couldn’t be described by adjectives, but feelings, that no matter what I forgot I would always remember it. I realized in that time I knew Matthew more than I knew myself. Of course I could easily say the same thing about him. I filled out an entire notebook of memories, mostly of Matthew and I, but some about my children, my experiences with the challenge. It was remarkable that we had come so far in such a short time, and that’s just when the idea hit me.

I sat in front of the computer screen watching the words flow from my mind to the screen. I wrote out every memory, every feeling, everything from the start of my challenge. I wrote about how I felt when Matthew came home, how I felt when Bridget returned from Bridgeport, how my mother and I had a rough relationship, how each father was especially different in his own way. I wrote out everything I had done in my challenge life, and some stuff in between. I wrote about how I felt when Matthew was in Iraq, how I reacted to his disappearance, what it felt like to have him back. Soon my entire life was sitting before me in a word document.

“Do you believe in Happy Endings? Perhaps you do, and maybe, you don’t! My question has always been, do they truly exist? And if they do, will I ever have my happy ending?”

“Welcome to the world  Un, Twinkle, Anilisa Marie, Lucy, Maddilyn, Felicity, Joanna, Lucky, Daniel, Karter, Mai, June, Nicole, Nicki, Wilburt, Aaron, Willow, Hayden, Jacob, Tatiana, Scarlett, Ruby, Claire, Hope, Bridget, Samuel, Harry, Tara, Hollie, Darion, Dylan, Magnus, Alex, Brian, Henry, Megan, Gracie, Dani, Jon, Tobi, Terrence, Ellie, Elliot, Doug, Drew, Richard, Ian, Snow, Patrick, Mikey, Anna, Elizabeth, Cinderella, Belle, Peeta,  Nandri, Apfel, Pomme, Tamil, Siyao,  Coralee, Auralee, Elodie, Xanadu,  Legolas, Abatha, Harold, Arnold, Hershey, Kit, Kat, Suzanne, Helen, Metropolis, Atlantis, Jei, Cana, Aki, Noelle, Noel, Nicholas, Rainey, Stormy, Kyle, Kinley, Kylie, Kat, Tommy, Dil, Suzie, Angelica.”


“Matthew?” I call out.


“Mathew where are you?”

“I’m right here sweetheart.”

I roll over and see him lying on the bed next to me, his arms caressing my waist, his eyes stare into mine and he smiles.

“I love you.” He whispers.

My eyes open to the true nightmare I live in before I can say it back.

At first it felt like I had lost him, then it felt like I had never had him.

I couldn’t tell you how hard it was for me to realize I could no longer truly remember his voice.

Or that I forgot the texture of his hair.

I could no longer feel his warmth next to me on command.

I had to watch videos to keep the memory of him alive.

He had died and he had taken me with him, but I was still breathing. Still standing on this Earth.

For a long time I simply laid on my bed, our bed. I glared at pictures of us together, smiling, happy, not a care in the world.

We were supposed to have our happy ending, but it was stripped away from us.

I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I had no children to tickle and no husband to hold dear.

I lost myself.

Bridget came over religiously but soon, even she grew tired of my weariness; grew tired of my sorrow.

In the midst of losing Matt I lost her as well.”

“In the end I killed him.

I took away his life.

I pulled his plug.

I sat in the hospital room for hours, staring at his chest. Watching it rise and fall.

He couldn’t possibly be dead, he was still breathing, his eyes still fluttering as if he were dreaming.

His organs were gone though, the important ones that were liable for donation at least.

He was merely an empty casing of what used to be.

The shell surrounding my Matt, the one I grew up with, the one I fell in love with.

I sat by him for hours hoping, praying, that he would just wake up and fall into my arms. That he was just playing some horrible practical joke on me, that everything would be okay.

That never happened.

Instead I slowly flipped the switch on the respirator, ignoring the nurse standing over me telling me it was time to say goodbye. I watched Matt breathe on his own for a mere second before the machines all lulled to a slow beep. I watched the rest of his life escape his lips. I watched as he left this Earth. I still didn’t want to believe it.”

I read the words portrayed on the screen. The book starting just as I started this challenge. I printed the pages and carefully stapled them together. I didn’t know what to feel, this was my story but not my ending. I quietly walked up the stairs and into my bedroom. I placed the book on the small end table by my reading chair, and uttered the last words the wind would ever carry, reciting them just moment after writing them, I carefully set to work.

“Unfinished. That’s how I feel right now. How did every moment of my life bring me to this moment? Well, I couldn’t tell you. Was it my ultimate happiness that brought me to such doom? Uncontrollable joy that decided to shut down my systems? Buying a cat didn’t do this to me. Having ninety children that I loved dearly couldn’t have done this. Loving someone with all of my might? Well. That was probably just the case. No matter how much I tell myself that I can get over this hump I can’t. I can’t live my life without Matthew, I can’t hardly live my life at all anymore. I don’t know what else to say, what questions I’m leaving unanswered. People are going to judge me. They will plague my children with questions that they can’t answer. Questions I can’t exactly answer myself. I’ve never been good at goodbyes, but, whatever it’s worth I’ve loved everyone in my life more than anything, and I’m sorry I’m not strong enough to live without Him. Perhaps people will tell my tale as unfinished, but I’m choosing my way out, for me my life is complete and I will welcome my next journey with open arms. I am Caitlin Murray, and I do believe in happy endings, I just don’t believe they work out exactly as planned.”


So. This is the end eh? I’ve been working on this story for three whole years. Well, let’s think back. When I started this I was a freaking ten years old guys. I started this story June third 2010 because I was ridiculously bored. I was welcomed into the community with open arms and I strived to get the entire challenge done. Of course I hit a few bumps and procrastination definitely didn’t help but I’ve made it to the end. And some people will say that I didn’t hit 100, but I guess I never really wanted to. I never really wanted her story to end because it was such a big one. I’ve grown a lot as a writer in these past 3 years, heck, I even wrote a book, but I think I’ll always remember her story. I’d like to thank all of the people who have stuck with me, I’ve gotten over ten thousand views and that’s way more than I could ever ask for. Despite me griping about feedback and thinking about quitting on occasion I want to thank everyone who’s ever even glanced at my blog because without you I would have quit writing for good. I’m sorry our story ends here, but there are always more waiting. Thanks for everything guys. I love you all.
For a long time I blamed myself. How could I go on for so long without seeing the signs? They say they’re easy to spot, they’re obvious and are portrayed in ways even children can spot, and yet I missed it and I stepped away. What would have happened if I had stayed by her side for longer? What if I would have held her hand through the toughest time in her life instead of backing out like a coward? Would she still be here to laugh with me or to at least smile with me? Would she be here with me at the benefit dinner in Matthew’s honor? Would she have been at Hope’s wedding, or at the hospital with me as I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl? Would she have been able to sit down with me and talk about all the wonderful memories we had with our adorably dorky friend? Would she have held my hand as I discovered my little girl was autistic?

I can ask all these what if questions. I can relay all of the different outcomes of my life if I had done something differently, if she had done something differently, but it had already happened, and now I had to move on. I pushed aside my past, keeping all of the good memories of Caitlin and Matthew in my mind. At Caitlin’s funeral I told her children all of the goofy things she had done, how she had totally weirded me out when I first met her, how she was stronger than me and how I didn’t know how to be strong without her. I guess now I see that she was my motivation to be strong, and now she was the only push. Now I knew exactly how to be strong, for my older children, for Spencer and I’s new child, for all ninety of her children, for myself. Caitlin taught me all about being strong. I still don’t understand how she was strong all the time, I have days where I can barely bare it anymore. These days are the reason I can’t blame Caitlin for her last decision. She had been strong her entire life. She needed her breaking point, and that was it. Quite honestly I view her last decision as one of her strongest.

When I read Caitlin’s book on her life I was filled with thrill, with hope, with sadness, with longing that her life had mapped out in the way it was supposed to. Maybe it was destiny that Matthew and her would die in such ways. Perhaps it was will that pushed them so strongly together. For one thing I know was true, it was fate that made us friends, and for the rest of my life I will trust that fate and live my life as I’ve had for so many years, loving Caitlin Murray and everything she stood for.  


The Day Every Girl Dreams Of

Do happy endings actually exist?
One of the first things I asked myself before becoming a challenge mom. Of course I was a few steps away from having one hundred children, and I was only a mere ten steps away from marrying my best friend, but I couldn’t help to draw myself back to that one question. Was this my happy ending? Would I take Matthews hand in marriage, have the last ten children and then be happy for the rest of my life? I was already happy, I had been happy my entire life, would my closing have the same wonderful fate?

Of course it would, I was destined for greatness whether I realized it or not, I had taken myself down this road so if my ending was foul played or crooked I would only be able to blame myself.

But could I blame myself for the bullet that whizzed through the window of my life shattering the one person I held dear?
Only time could tell you that answer.

Two Weeks Before.

The eight children we had in the house were completely aged up ready to take on the world before them. I had decided that a small break was in order, and in that time Matthew and I would seal the deal. Of course we both wanted to wait until the entire challenge was finished, but quite honestly the rules could be bent. I would marry Matthew and the last ten children would be ours. He was the reason I started this challenge, so he might as well be the reason I finish it as well.

He had been working long hours, mainly because there was ban of serial assaults in the town. He never wanted to say murder in front of the kids, but I was pretty positive that was the offence. It was scary thinking there was someone running around killing people in a town like Appaloosa Plains, but Matthew said the man was in hiding and that there was no harm, of course I made sure the children were safely escorted everywhere and that everyone I knew was accounted for.

Matthew was the head of the case, being promoted just two months before hand it was his first real case so he was taking some of it personally. We both believed the wedding would take our minds off of the issue so he could have some home life instead of dealing with work all day. So, I called the one girl I trusted with such an event and we started the planning process.
“What kind of flowers do you want, what do you want the color scheme to be. OH my goodness what about your dress?!” Bridget asked all of these questions in one long breath. Matthew looked at me with an expression I couldn’t help but laugh at. “Bridget, we don’t know a darn thing.” I told her.

It was the truth, although we had been planning this day for what seemed like forever I couldn’t imagine what our wedding would look like or what kind of flowers there would be. I just knew that Matthew would be there. That’s all I was worried about.

“You guys really suck you know that, how am I supposed to plan something with absolutely no direction and no clue as to-”

“Bridget, whatever you do it’ll be perfect.” Matthew smiled.

Bridget and I got to work right away, arranging bouquets, sending invitations, and finally picking out a wedding dress. Now, I still had Matt’s mothers dress, but I couldn’t fit into anymore I had since grown a few sizes since my teen years, but I still wanted to incorporate it into the dress as something old. My something blue was Un’s baby blanket, since he was the first born of the challenge I thought it would be fitting. My last thing would be something borrowed, and I couldn’t quite think of what I wanted it to be. Bridget told me to stop worrying about that stuff since I hadn’t even found a dress, but I still let my mind wander.

We found the dress at our last resort, the thrift shop of all places. It was an elegant gown with black flowers dotted all down the front. It was love at first site for me but it took some convincing to get Bridget onto the band wagon with me. “What will people think?” She asked me, I didn’t care if people thought it was bad that I had a wedding gown from a thrift shop, it was the one! “Well, they can think whatever they want to. I don’t really care.” Was a good enough answer for Bridget.

Which only left finding the ceremony hotspot. I wanted an outside wedding, Matthew wanted inside, so we agreed on a nice building with a lot of windows. There were only going to be a few people attending our wedding, mainly because I didn’t want all ninety children occupying the town at one time, I mean, don’t get me wrong I love them with all of my might, but having all of them and the fathers was not what I had planned.

So, with the entire thing planned out it was only a matter of waiting.

Four days before.
“Are you nervous?” Matthew whispered into my ear on the bed.
“About what?” I asked.
“Anything.” He replied.
“Not really, I mean, Bridget’s probably got more nerves tingling than I do.”
“Aha, yeah, there’s no doubt about that.”
“Are you nervous?” I asked.
“Well…” He paused, “In twenty years will you still love me like you do now?”
I stared blankly at him, what kind of a question was that?
“Of course I will!”
“What about in fifty?” He was quiet when he asked, his doubts were sitting in front of him.
“What if I’m not the one?”
“Matthew Jay Humphrey I have loved you since I was a little girl, I have seen you go through so many struggles, I will love you tomorrow, next week, next year! I will love you when your hair starts to grey, I will love you when you can barely recognize me. I have loved you forever and I will love you forever, don’t you think for a second that I won’t.”
“Caitlin honey,” He whispered his smooth dorky smile playing onto his lips.
“This hair isn’t ever going to gray.” He said with a chuckle.
I let a laugh escape my lips and I entangled my arms around his smooth chest.
“I love you so much.” I whispered right before falling asleep.

The day of.

I paced nervously. Today was finally the day! Matthew and I were finally ascending into our future. Everyone was crowded into the room, waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle. I raked my fingers through my hair, careful not to mess up the fine work Bridget had googled how to do. I sat down on a chair and looked at myself in the mirror.
I had never been this nervous before, not for something so happy, so magical. I had waited for this day for so long and now it was finally here. I had no doubts before I slipped on the dress, not a single what if in my mind when Bridget was doing my hair, but now that I was officially ready, Matt’s mother’s dress sewn into mine, a swath of the baby blanket tucked into my bouquet, I had every doubt in the world.

“Are you just as nervous as I am?” Matthew asked from behind me. I jumped, startled that he was in the room with me. “Matthew if Bridget sees you in here,” I stopped turning to look at him. He had his hand over his eyes. “Oh, so no peeking aye?”
He chuckled. “It’s a lot harder than it looks, but your beautiful face is in my mind so don’t worry, I can see you.”

“Are we ready for this?” I asked. “I thought we were.” Matthew sighed. I stood up and took his other hand, I brisked my lips upon his cheek. “Matthew honey, I love you, but if I’m not at the alter, will you blame me?” I joked a laugh traced between each word. “Well, I may not be there either.”

“Matthew. Screw the karma, throw out all of the folk tales, and take your hand off of your eyes so I can look into them as a free girl one last time.”
Without any hesitation Matthew dropped his hand from his eyes, letting them dilate as he took me in. “Well, I might just be at that alter.” He sighed before embracing me in a strong hug. “I might just show up as well.” I whispered into his ear on my tiptoes.

“Matthew Jay!” Bridget yelled into the room. Matthew and I pulled apart quickly, embarrassed. “I did not just waste two weeks of my life just for you two to screw this thing up with bad karma. Out, git, go!” Bridget smacked Matthew on the shoulders. “Get to the alter so I can walk this pretty girl down the aisle.” Matthew smiled his god worthy smile, “See ya out there Kermit.”

Bridget glared at me with intent to kill. “Everything will be fine, I promise.” I giggled. “Oh everything will be fine Bridget, I know it’s code that the groom can’t see the bride but come on Bridget it’s Matthew we’re talking about. Caitlin I didn’t just go through all of this for something bad to happen!” Bridget mocking me. “I’m sorry, I’ll be good the rest of the night, okay mommy?”
Bridget mumbled some nice words under her breath, and took my arm. “I love you so much Caitlin.” She said, “I wouldn’t trust another soul to be with you for the rest of your life. Matthew is your soul mate, I don’t care what anybody else tells you, he was meant for you and you were meant from him. You can call me all you want with your petty fights but I know for one thing’s sure. You and that man are never going to separate, no matter what. He’s always going to be a part of you whether you like it or not, and I am so glad that you know that too, or else we wouldn’t be in this room right now. Now give me your best smile, and try not to trip in those shoes, and let’s go start the rest of your life.”
I didn’t say anything to Bridget in fear of crying. I squeezed my arm tightly around hers and she led me through the doors. We walked down the aisle together as best friends, the three of us together. She set me off to him and took her spot beside me as the brides maid. My heart fluttered as I looked at Matt, his big blue orbs glistened. He took one of my hands as the pastor started to speak.

I wasn’t hearing what the pastor was saying, I was just staring at Matthew. I held so many memories with him and we would have so many more.
“the bride and groom have prepared their own vows.” The pastor said, gesturing to Matthew.
Matthew cleared his throat just slightly, loud enough so only I could hear. He met my eyes and with his wonderful clear voice he recited the words he had committed to memory. “The first time I ever saw you I thought to myself, why would a girl like her talk to a guy like me. I hadn’t understood our relationship at that age but when my mother talked to me about you she would always ask when I was going to marry you. She knew from the moment we met we were destined to be together. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that I loved your smile, your hair, your eyes, the way you could ramble off the weirdest of facts with so much courage, the fact that you could stand up for me when I couldn’t. You’re so strong and I love everything about you.” He paused for a moment.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world, not because I get to marry you, but because I’ve gotten to be your best friend over the years. I can’t wait to be able to call you my wife and to spoil you and our children silly, I can’t wait for the memories we’re going to make together once I have you all to myself. I love you so much Caitlin,  I don’t know where I’d be without you. I don’t know how I could live my life without you-”

The sound of glass shattering made Matthew pause, he fell to his knees clutching his side. Finally the sound of a gun echoed throughout the room. My heart sank to my stomach and I fell to my knees putting my hand on Matthew. He pulled his hands away from his side, they were traced with blood. This couldn’t be happening, oh dear god no.

I placed my palms onto Matthew’s wound and I screamed for someone to call an ambulance. I relayed in horror as it seemed that everyone was just sitting there, staring at us. Was this just a dream or was Bridget really just standing over my shoulder. “Matthew honey, oh god just hang on, it’s going to be okay.”
“Caitlin,” Matthew gasped for breath, “Just talk to me Kermit, your vows,” He coughed, “Say your vows.”

I applied more pressure to the hole in Matthew’s side, I screamed for someone to call an ambulance once more and Matthew shushed me. I could hear sirens in the distance, farther away than I could imagine. I took a shuddering breath, tears streaming down my face.

“When I was younger I made a list, a list of things that turned me on about Matthew Humphrey.” Matthew smiled and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

My entire body shuddered, and I continued. People were coming, this is what Matt wanted.
“Number one, his long black hair that smelled of old spice and ginger. Number two his big eyes that relayed all of his emotions, number three his adorably dorky smile that made me continue through the hardest of times. There are so many perfect things about you Matthew. The way your hand feels when you hold mine, the little sounds you make when you sleep, the way your eyelashes brush the surface of your glasses because you push them so close to your face. The way you laugh at my terrible puns, actually believing they’re the funniest things in the world. The way you stroke your fingers through my hair when you think I’m asleep, the way you tan unevenly during the summer, the way your socks always have to match whereas I just grab two out of the dresser, the way you fathered my children, the way you’re going to father yours, the sound of your phone voice, your ridiculous phone calls at lunch that I wait for anxiously every day, your determination, your will, everything about you. Matthew I love you so much, you can’t leave me, ever, please honey. Please. Stay with me.” I pleaded as his eyes gently closed.

“Kermit, Cait, I love you, so, so much.” He gently said before he left.

I screamed and held onto him, I shook him and tried to make him wake up, but was this actually him? I could almost feel his soul rise away from his body, leaving an empty shell of remains. Of course his hair was still there, his eyes were still the dark blue that I had loved at first sight, but was his personality there? Was my Matthew still in the body that protected him?

“Caitlin… Caitlin let go, the paramedics are here. Caitlin!” Bridget yelled through tears. I looked up at her, still gripping Matthew’s body. “Honey, it’s time to let go now..” I looked at Matthew’s body, and I kissed his cheek one last time. “I love you…” I whispered as I gently laid his body on the ground. “I’ll always love you…. No matter what.”

Ten more?! Babies 87, 88, 89, 90

Screenshot-8The children were all bright eyed and bushy tailed on the morning of their birthdays. It was a lovely experience as per usual. Confetti was thrown, cake was mowed down, and laughs were to be had. Now we had two studious teenagers and four rambunctious little toddlers running around the house. Things were in full swing once more.
Screenshot-9Family photos are always wonderful, especially when captured in the right moment in time. I loved catching all the moments that I could, but I was usually elbow deep in doing things with the children. Sometimes we caught a break though and could have an opportunity to catch that perfect pic.
Screenshot-13We got to work right away with the toddlers skills. There were four of us and four of them so we were evenly matched. They were all rather fast at walking, picking up the skill as if they were teenagers themselves already!
Talking was next, which is usually really hit and miss for most of the little ones. These guys got it down packed in a few hours! They were jibber-jabbering to each other in no time!Screenshot-17The flowers were blooming, the sun was shining, gardens were ripening, spring was in full swing. Matthew pulled out the slip and slides that had survived a long winter season in the garage and we all came outside for some family fun! The water was still a tad bit cool, seeing as it was only 65 degrees, but it felt nice on your skin and it added to the experience.
The little ones played in the sand, most likely eating more of it than playing with it. Never the less, they seemed to be enjoying themselves as well.
Matt was certainly enjoying himself as well. He took the most turns on the slip and slide, his excuse? “Well I WAS the one who brought it out!”
Screenshot-22The little ones wanted a go at it to, so one at a time I let them slide down the slippery plastic into Matt’s arms. They enjoyed themselves a lot more than they did in the sandbox, that’s for sure.
The kids went inside for a quick lunch break, so Matt and I had a few minutes alone…… Apparently it was enough time…… Screenshot-26After the children got done eating we took the fun to the front yard, being wary of wild horses we set up a water balloon battle. The teens against the parents!
After implying one another as llamas, missing with over twenty balloons, and breaking out a sweat from merely standing there things got intense. Matthew grabbed the bucket full of balloons and dumped them on both of the boys! They were drenched!
ScreenshotWe had a wonderful day of activities, so to top it all off the children aged up! We now had two daring young adults leaving the house for their own adventures.
Screenshot-2                                                                                  The quads were all aged up as well, hustling bustling children at their finest!
Screenshot-8The kids were definitely ready to take advantage of everything they could! Toys, phones, electronics were all grabbed and anxiously played with! The horses, that were always a top favorite, were chosen the best toy out of the entire batch!
Screenshot-11Kat was rather partial to keeping to herself, her loyal subject Teddy was always there for her, and that’s all she needed.
Screenshot-13Matthew was still working the serial case, something I wasn’t entirely comfortable with given his past. I kept my mouth shut, if he thought it was his will to help save people then I wouldn’t get in his way. “I’m heading out!” He called from the front door. “Wait a minute!” I called after him. “That was no goodbye.”
Screenshot-14Matt looked at me perplexed, I stood on my tiptoes and pressed my lips against his. “Be careful,” I whispered as I drew away. I diverted my eyes, I hated thinking that a goodbye would be the last one, but I never knew. I had come so close to losing him so many times that I couldn’t take my chances.

Screenshot-15He gripped my hands before I pulled away completely. “I’m always careful Kermit.” He whispered, looking up at me. I blushed deeply. Of course he was careful, but what about the serial killer that he was desperately trying to track down? I bet he was a wild man who ran with scissors at a young age! What would happen if he were to finally cross paths with my Matthew? Then what? “Whatever you say,” I giggled instead of saying what I really felt.
Screenshot-9To pass the time away the kids and I played many games, rock paper scissors, tag, marco polo, whatever small scaled game you could think of we probably played. I wasn’t sure what to do around the house, although there were many things we could do nothing was jumping out to us. We finally decided to watch a movie. Well, we decided on that when Matt walked through the door with a rented DVD but we were all thinking about it at heart.
Screenshot-8We all sat down around the small television in the upstairs family room to watch the movie Matt had picked out. Kenna and Kinley were less than impressed with the foolish gore that was going about. Kyle and Kat seemed intrigued to the fake blood splatters and the samurai swords being whipped about by random modern day civilians. Me? Well I couldn’t keep my thoughts off of Matt. Not saying that he would be slayed by an overpaid business man in the midst of Bridgetown but, hey, imaginations can run wild!
Screenshot-11Three days went by like nothing. Movies, games, kids going to school, it all went by in a blur. Soon we were in the hospital waiting for the arrival of the newest little batch of miracles. We ended up walking out with four little beauties, I was so close.
Screenshot-12Tommy was the first born, he had a cute little button nose and an adventurous personality.
Screenshot-13Dil came next, he was definitely a bundle of joy and giggles!Screenshot-14You thought we were done? Oh no! Suzie came next!
Screenshot-15And last but not least, little Angelica was born! Welcome to the world my little ones! I just have ten more and then it was all over. Just ten more left…..

The Fifteen More Mark~Babies 83, 84, 85, and 86

ScreenshotThe twins were now vibrant toddlers. Stormy was the most rambunctious of the two of them, but always calmed down during bath time. It was the one sure way to make them both sleepy enough for a nap.

Screenshot-4Of course before nap time everyone needs a quick snack! Some mashed bananas and cereal is quite the treat!

Screenshot-5Then, both of them are out for the count. It was a smooth schedule with just us four. The kids ate, played, and slept for the majority of the day while Matthew worked and I wrote. I had been writing a lot recently, little stories, small blurbs. Nothing huge, but it was a start. I needed something to occupy my time since the realization hit me that I won’t be doing this forever.

Screenshot-7Next on the agenda was learning to walk and talk! Rainey definitely took hold to it! He was speeding all over the nursery.
Screenshot-8Stormy however was having a bit of troubles, but he would overcome them quickly!

Screenshot-9I loved having Matthew home, especially since I had him all to myself. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Besides my kids, well, he was my whole world.

Screenshot-11In the morning we took the kids out to the park. They enjoyed the animals, and they both were ecstatic when a deer ran by. I missed the curiosity that a small child could hold in the palm of their hand.

Screenshot-13It was high time the boys aged up, so we purchased some cakes and got right to work!

Screenshot-18They were now hustling, bustling, youngsters who would surely bring some fun into this house. It was rather quiet with just the four of us, but that would soon be changing for there were kicks in my tummy from a hospital visit and babies on my mind.

Screenshot-21While the boys were busy drag racing through the “streets” of our living room, Matt and I took the time to fix up some things around the house. Since my challenge is drawing to a near end, we thought it be best if we moved out of the gigantic beast that this house truly is and into something a tad bit smaller. (Of course there would be some room for more pattering feet if need be.)

Screenshot-23Matthew always seemed to be enthralled with whatever bump rounded my tummy. He loved hearing the baby, talking to the baby, feeling the baby kick. He loved every moment of parenthood, even if he wasn’t the true father, and I was definitely okay with that!

Screenshot-27Of course three days could seem long at times, and at other times it can be as short as watching a simple movie on Netflix! Alas, three days later I was returning home with a small carrier of children to bring home.

Screenshot-28I would like to welcome to the world mister Kyle, baby 83.

Screenshot-29I would like to welcome Kinley Baby 84

Screenshot-30And Kylie, baby 85.


Hey There~ Babies 81 and 82

Christmas felt like just days ago, and yet it was dawning upon spring. The skies were now clearer, the snow subtly depleting. Ah, yes. It was the new beginning. Jei, Aki, and Cana all aged into thriving young adults, and Noel, Noelle, and Nicholas were now young children. What was the rush? I was almost there, I was so close to the fifteen way mark I could almost taste it, and yet I was delaying the inevitable. Matt was supposed to be home soon, so why rush?
Screenshot-72“I’m going to miss you most.” Bridget cooed to Jumangi, petting him in all the right places. Yes, it was far time for her and Spencer to reunite and make it feel so good, if you catch my drift. She was going to go live with him for a while, it seemed that the ‘long distance’ marriage was fraying their nerves. I knew exactly how they felt. Matthew had been in the hospital for months now and I missed him dearly. A computer image could only do so much.
Screenshot-74She got off of the couch and pulled on another sweater and a vest. Although it was nearly spring the weather was still under the freezing mark. “I might just miss you more though.” She sighed, pulling me into a hug. In all honesty Bridget was my sister, I told her everything, joked with her, did things I wouldn’t do around my grandmother with her. It was definitely going to be a change without her in the house. I would be alone with my children again. Something that hadn’t happened in quite some time. “I’ll miss you too you goof, but it won’t be for too long.” I told her squeezing her tightly. “Well duh!”

I helped her take her bags out to the taxi that was anxiously waiting for her. “Call me when you get there, okay?” She gave me a half smile. “Okay mom.” I waved goodbye as the taxi whisked her away to the big city. The same city my Matthew was currently housed in.

Screenshot-76“What are you doing?” I asked Nicholas. “I’m just checking for monsters momma, we thought we heard something last night!” He replied peeking his head under the bed frame. “It was probably just thunder honey, it’s about that time of year.” I told him. “Nothing to worry about, come on hop into bed.” He got under the covers, as did Noel, and I kissed them both on the forehead. “Goodnight my loves, if the thunder gives you a fright tonight I’ll be in my room or downstairs, okay?” They both chimed an okay at me, and told me goodnight.
Screenshot-78I went into Noelle’s room to make sure she was getting all ready for bed. Instead of being nustled tightly under the covers she was bright eyed and bushy tailed. “Hey! You’re supposed to be asleep!” I joked. “I know, I couldn’t sleep.” She admitted. “Tell you what, try and fall asleep and if you can’t then come downstairs okay?” She nodded and ran to plop herself onto her bed. I came over and kissed her on her forehead. “Sleep tight.”
Screenshot-79I made my way downstairs and sat on the couch. It was so quiet in the house now that it was down to just four of us, and Jumangi, but he wasn’t too much of a sound maker. It was already 2013, I hadn’t done anything for the new year, the kids and I just lit some fireworks and built snowmen. Now February was drawing to an abrupt close and I still had no Matt and was still only at baby 80. It seemed the world was turning a lot quicker than normal, especially in the past few years.
Screenshot-81I let out a sigh and turned off the television. I should just head to bed that way I’d be able to get the kids up in time for school. I was about to get up when I felt two arms wrap around my shoulders. “Miss me?” I heard the all to familiar voice. I felt his breath caress my neck, I could imagine the goofy smile portrayed upon his lips. I turned my head around quickly to greet the eyes of my soul mate. “Matthew!” I screamed in a whisper. I grabbed onto his shoulders and he plucked me over the couch gracefully. I wrapped my arms around him, not daring to let go.
Screenshot-82He cupped his hand on my check and I brought him closer. “I missed you so much.” He whispered, and he crushed his lips against mine. A feeling I hadn’t felt in ages came over me. My Matthew was back, my heart was warm and I wanted to stay in this moment forever. He was no longer balded, pale and sick, he was strong, healthy and goofy. I had my Matt back.
Screenshot-83He lifted me off of my feet and brought me over to the fire. Together we moved the two bean bags and we laid on the floor. “Catch me up my knight in shining armor.” I whispered to him. We were cascaded by the firelight, with no other light turned on I could only see the outline of his features and yet it was perfection. “Where to start my Kermit?” He asked. “Don’t talk, just do.” I giggled. He smiled his signature smile, the one that made me smile all over, and he brought his lips slowly down to mine.
Screenshot-84One thing definitely did lead to another, and it was just fantastic. I had waited so long to wrap my arms around Matt’s shoulders, and I had waited an eternity to crush my lips against his. It was the highlight of my entire year just seeing him smile. In the morning I was greeted with kisses, he even offered to carry me down the stairs! We could have stayed in the room all day, but instead we braved getting up. “I have to make waffles for the kids, do you wanna pour the milk and such?” I asked, getting out all of the necessary ingredients. “Of course.” Matt replied, going over to the fridge.

“I have to tell you something.” He said pulling out the milk. “Shoot.” He let out a small sigh, barely noticeable, but noticed. “So at work there’s this string of well, murders, and well they appointed me to the case.” The air in the kitchen suddenly stood still. “They want you to start looking for a serial killer even though you just got back?” I asked, trying not to skip a beat in cooking. “Well, it’s just going over the case file. They’re calling in the FBI I think, I won’t be doing anything major, I promise hun.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Be careful.” I said, my face aflame. “Oh, I don’t go back to work for another week! You have nothing to fret my darling.” Matt whispered in my ear, grabbing my waist tightly. I giggled.

“I have something to tell you.” I said. “Oh yeah?” Matthew whispered, burying his face in my neck. “No more challenge fathers.” I whispered back. “What do you mean?” He asked. “Well, the hospital has that new program that I told you about, I think that’s how I’m going to finish the challenge.” I could feel Matthews smile on my neck. “Sounds like a plan to me.”
Screenshot-105When the children got home from school Matt and I surprised them with newly purchased rocking horses. It was definitely a quick hit! They were anything but hesitant in letting the rodeos begin! I loved making the kids happy, and they definitely were the definition of ecstatic!
Screenshot-113The kick of two small feet was something I have stated that I could never get over. That feeling was the one that brought me back to reality, the one feeling that told me I was doing something brilliant.
Screenshot-117                                                                                                    Did I mention having Matthew home was a complete blessing?
Screenshot-126Since today was Saturday Matthew and I decided it would be nice to take the kids to the spring festival to kick off the new season. It was absolutely gorgeous out so it made for the perfect outing. Flowers were blooming everywhere, they were absolutely beautiful. I believe I picked over twenty different flowers at the park alone!
Screenshot-127Of course there were still large puddles from melted snow left on the ground, the kids put those to use though! They had a blast just running around enjoying the weather! It was certainly much better than three feet of snow! I was surprised the snow went away so easily though, I thought living in the country entitled longer snow seasons, but apparently I was wrong!
Screenshot-128I attended the kissing booth for the woman who owned it so she could take a quick lunch. My only attender? Well none other than the beat to my heart! He came over and gave me a big pluck on the cheek! I obviously didn’t make any money for the woman, but I made a million dollars!
Screenshot-130Not only did we take family photos and get the kids faces painted, but Matthew found the time to pick me a dozen red roses. He was always full of surprises!
Screenshot-132When we got home the baby decided it was time to shine! I went into labor mere moments after walking through the front door. Matt offered to drive me to the hospital, which I gladly took! The babysitter came to watch the kiddos and we were out of there!
Screenshot-133It only took a few hours but it was long enough! I gave birth to twin boys. I welcome to the world Rainey, baby 81.
Screenshot-134                                                                                                 And little Stormy, baby 82. Welcome to the world my little guys!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas~ Babies 78, 79, and 80

Screenshot-30Twas the week of Christmas and all through the house, all the young one’s were stirring trying to find a mouse. Yes, it was the week of Christmas. The time Chris Cringle showed his burly white hair and pronounced his presence with the rather loud jingle of bells. The children were not looking for a mouse, and if they were we would certainly be right out of this house. Instead we were working on walking, talking, and potty using in time for Christmas. If we were lucky they would be children by the time it came, but we couldn’t be too greedy.
Screenshot-31Everybody grabbed a small child and began to work with them. I grabbed Jei, Bridget grabbed Cana, and Lionell grabbed Aki. He was now a rather frequent visitor and we were all really hitting it off as friends. Matt seemed to like him too! If first impressions really truly did hold their own during video chats… It would be a quaint Christmas this year, there was no possibility that my stunning fiancé would surprise me by the fire at the stroke of midnight. He had to stay in Bridgeport. I had to stay here. Simple as that.
Screenshot-33Still, it would be a fun holiday. Hopefully by that day we’d have a few more feet running around, and if not there was always time afterwards. The triplets were fun in themselves, so I wouldn’t complain. Now they were walking little creatures, although Jei was still partial to crawling, most likely the wolf instinct hidden deep inside him, but eh, he was still mobile! All three were starting to grasp the concept of language as well so that was a huge plus!
Screenshot-2The tots were trained in no time, and with a little help from their daddy they tried out their hunting skills. Jumangi helped them out a bit as well by bringing in an insect. Let’s just say all bugs were returned outside and they may or may not have been harmed.
Screenshot-2Since all three young ones were all trained up as far as skills went I decided it was near time to let them age into boisterous children. Cana went first since she’s the only little girl of the bunch!
Screenshot-3Jei was next in line. Lionell informed me that due to his “Strong instinct” he would most likely be leader of the pack. Seeing as Aki was a shy little booger and Cana was the definition of a girl he was probably right, but who knows.

Screenshot-4                                                                                                                                                       Next went little Aki who was more soft spoken than his two other siblings.
Screenshot-6They were all young werewolves so as soon as they got the chance they ran outside to discover their true potentials. Jei was the first to try out his new found ability. They would no longer have to suffer and just paw at the ground. They could no fully transform into little werewolves.  Screenshot-7Their nails grew, as did their hair. Their jaws even jutted out a few more inches than normal and their ears pointed back. Lionell wanted to give them his own little demonstration to turning, but he didn’t want that image in the kids heads. Aki nearly passed out just from seeing his brother transform!
Screenshot-8He, too, followed in his brothers footsteps however. He lifted his head into the air and howled as he transformed into a gnarly wolf. Jei congratulated him afterwards since he didn’t pass out.
Screenshot-10Of course no pack was complete without their final pack member. Cana ran on out and transformed just as her brothers did with no hesitation. She wasn’t about to be pushed out of their minds as they roughed each other up. She wanted a part of the action just as each of them did.
Screenshot-11Since Christmas was coming up the children got a week off of school, so, in other words they wouldn’t have to attend elementary school and would be swiftly passed onto highschool. Ah, the joys of being a challenge kid. Anyway. We were going to spend as much family time as we possibly could during the holidays!
Screenshot-13Together we all built snowmen. We were hosting a contest. Aki and I worked on our snowman while Cana and Bridget worked on theirs and Lionell and Jei worked on theirs. I had a feeling Aki and I would win because we had the best idea ever, we were going with the classic snowman!
Screenshot-19Apparently classics held strong and originality and imaginary  went out. So, we all won! It was fun though so that’s all that really mattered.
Screenshot-20In the morning I went to the hospital. The challenge dad that I had emailed had something to do for the holidays so I thought I would go with the random donation squad. Long story short I was now harboring a little one, or many! After I left the hospital we went to the festival grounds to go ice-skating and snow boarding! The kids were really enjoying the snow, as was I.
Screenshot-21Aki was the only one  of us that was halfway decent at snowboarding. I was fearful to do it, even though I was barely into my pregnancy I didn’t want to risk anything! Jei kept falling off in the middle, although he could almost do it. Cana flew off of the board at the very top and Bridget was the all-natural clutz so it was no surprise when she fell off the ladder leading up to the ramp. It was Aki’s moment to shine and he definitely did not waste it!
Screenshot-22When we got home we all helped put up the tree and decorate it. I missed the tree and the fake smell of pine it emitted. The kids did a great job decorating it as well!
Screenshot-23Returning to their normal human state was just as nerve ending as turning into a wolfie. I felt bad for my little pups because I didn’t really know what to do to calm their poor nerves! Little Aki almost passed out every time he transformed! Cana wasn’t fond of the feeling either. I would have to find out something to help them out.
Screenshot-26Bridget suggested a movie night to calm everyone’s nerves. Nobody objected so we ended up watching multiple Christmas shows and movies until no one could keep their eyes open!
Screenshot-27While I was going out to check the mail I felt the soft flutters of the little ones toes on my belly. It was such an extraordinary feeling. One that I would never quite understand to it’s full extent but one that I would surly miss when this all came to an end.
Screenshot-28The next three days were nothing more than passing out from frequent transformations, wrapping of presents, waiting for Christmas to finally come, and playing in the snow. The children were certainly getting antsy and I almost couldn’t wait to show off their gifts from “Santa Claus”.
Screenshot-29On Christmas morning they bounded down the steps like there was no tomorrow! Jei was the first to skid to a hault. I nodded at him to open his gift and he tore the box open. I stared in awe as the other two children came down and did the very same thing with their gifts. Excited shouts from each of them escaped their lips. I-Santa had done a good job!
Screenshot-31Sadly, but not too sadly, in the middle of our celebration the babies decided it was their time to come. I nodded at Bridget, who still wore the same horrified face she had so many babies ago, and left for the car to go to the hospital.
Screenshot-33I returned home in less than a few hours bringing with me three bundles of Christmas joy. Noelle, Noel, and Nicholas were here. Adding more wonderful stories to our extravagant household. Welcome to the world my little ones. Babies 78, 79, and 80. Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish all of my readers a VERY merry Christmas! I hope it was swell! For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas what do you celebrate? I’d also like to thank you guys for sticking with me. My game has been tough the past few months but I finally got it to work in my favor! I’m hoping for many more posts after this one! I may even bring Matt home a little sooner than expected! But until then.. Thanks for reading!

Long Time No See Babies 75 76 and 77

So, it has been a long. Long. LONG, few months where I have neglected to update Cait’s challenge. Between school, softball, and my extreme procrastination methods, well, I barely think about writing the next chapter. I know I kind of went on to my other blog, but be assured, I will return to this blog slowly. I want to update a lot more frequently. So, I will definitely try! Anyways… To get on with the post. Caitlin has had 10 children since the last post. Don’t worry, their names and possibly pictures will be brought up, and yes they were in game. Like I said though, I wasn’t really thinking about posting, and I didn’t take many pictures. So.. They’re there. And you will see them, but not much of them. Alright!

It’s been a long, long two months. In that time, many challenge fathers have entered my life, and many babies have been produced because of them. 10 babies in the last two months wasn’t exactly great progress, but I had been visiting Matt quite frequently.

The surgery went well, although, his hair didn’t fair off too well. It’ll grow back eventually though. The doctors were hopeful that they got the tumor out, thankfully, they did. Matt had to stay back in Bridgeport though. Minor complications in the surgery made it so that his right side of the body was limited in movement. We’re hopeful that physical therapy will cure that right up. So far, so good. In other news, 10 children have been born, and raised in the last two months. I’ve been taking frequent breaks, and right now I was in the midst of one of them. There were no babies in the house, and if felt empty. Well, I had Bridget around now.
You see, her and Spencer didn’t exactly have a fall out, they’re still happily married, but now that their two children were grown and out of the house they decided that they should focus on their lives. Spencer, of course, went to his work, and Bridget didn’t exactly know what to do. They sold their house, and Spencer took off to Bridgeport to be closer to work. I let Bridget stay here with me. I don’t exactly understand why, or how this was better for their relationship, but they visited each other frequently, and they were the happiest couple I knew. It wasn’t too bad having Bridget live with me either.

“When’s the new batch due?” She asked, sitting down on the couch next to me. To catch you up, the last ten children were Abatha, Harold, Arnold, Hershey, Kit, Kat, Suzanne, Helen, Metropolis, and Atlantis. Abatha was the only one born, then Harold and Arnold were born, obviously twins. Then Hershey, Kit, and Kat were born, triplets of course. Then came Suzanne and Helen, then Metropolis and Atlantis. They were an adventurous bundle, they all grew up in the house at the same time. You can imagine the noises, the messes, and everything in between, but that was all a part of children, and I loved every bit of it.
“Soon, Hopefully, I’ve had a few fathers contact me. I’m so close Bridge, I’m so close that I’m almost afraid to finish!” I admitted, I usually didn’t talk much about it, but I knew once I was finished it would be really weird without multiple feet pattering against the floors. We would most likely move to a smaller house, we might have another child, or two, or maybe one-hundred. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to finishing, but I was looking forward to a life with Matthew. “Why are you taking so long woman?” She asked. I shook my head. “I don’t know. Other mothers did this in months! And here I am, at a year and a few months.” She smiled at me. “It’s because you care more for your kids.” I chuckled. “No, they loved their kids. They just… Had motivation? I don’t know. I don’t mind being slow.”  That night we watched a movie, and I contacted a father. I would get this show on the road, it was time to get off my lazy butt and finish this challenge.

I woke up early, imagining the voices of children in the halls. Of course I was disappointed, there were no kids in the house right now! I didn’t go back to sleep, didn’t really want to. Dr.Lupine came over at about ten in the morning, always time to put a bun in the oven right! It turns out that he was a werewolf. He wasn’t the first supernatural I’d seen. I mean, I knew vampires, I was a vampire for a while, so I wasn’t frightened, or surprised really, that there were more out there.

It was quick and simple, like most of the fathers were now a’days. It was much better than in the beginning when every father that walked in wanted to marry you, and have all the kids with you. Now there were guidelines for these guys, now they knew the procedures before walking into it. Hell, there were even men doing their own challenges. I got myself dressed and went downstairs. Bridget was sitting on the couch, watching the news.

“We should go to the beach.” Bridget sighed. “We live in Appalocha Plains, it’s freezing here all the time, not to mention it’s November! Why would we go swimming in the water? We don’t live in Sunset Valley.” I said, putting dishes into the dishwasher. “Think you’ll ever move back there?” She asked.
Ah, Sunset Valley, our hometown. The town where my two sisters still lived, where my parents were buried. Where the weather was always so warm, where the beach was always open. “No.” I told her. “Me neither.” She replied. I, for one, thought she would return. She was older than me, not that that meant anything, but I always thought she’d be one to settle down after seeing the sights.
“I would love to move to Paris, Spencer said we might. If not, I’ll move and he can come visit me there.” Her eyes drifted to the distance, pondering the idea. “Matt said something about Hidden Springs once, I think it would be nice.” I squeaked. “I heard it’s beautiful in the winter!” She smiled at me.
Bridget knew, just as much as I knew, that Matthew and I would settle down quickly. We weren’t going to travel much because neither of us saw the point. We would both be graced with each other’s presence so there wouldn’t be any need to go see something extraordinary.
“Caitlin?” Bridget said for the umpteenth time. “Oh, yeah?” I asked, snapping out of my little daydream. “Matt’s video-calling you…” She said, pointing to the computer. Sure enough, the monitor was blinking with life. “Oh shoot!” I had forgotten our time today, it had been scheduled earlier than before because today was the determining day. Would Matt be able to walk out of that hospital in a week? Or another month?

I clicked open the tab and saw his bright shining face. “Hey hey!” He said happily. “Hi sweetie!” I said a smile embedded on my face. Bridget came up behind me and waved at the camera. “Now Caitlin, I said no more animals in the house.” Matthew joked. Bridget stuck out her tongue at him. “Oh ha-ha, I didn’t know we were in third grade again.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of kindergarten.. But, eh, whatever.” Matthew laughed. “Whatever, baldy.” Bridget said jokingly. It was true, Matt’s head was lacking it’s usual lusciousness of hair, but it was definitely growing back. “I think you’re just jealous. Don’t worry, I’ll give you both nice little haircuts when I get home.” He smiled. “Well, I’m going to go hide all the scissors in the house. Have fun you two.” She waved goodbye at Matt, and patted me on the shoulder.
“So… Today’s the day…” I sighed. Although we were miles away it felt like he was right next to me. I could feel his warmth, I wanted to hug him so badly. “Ah, yes. I think it’ll go alright, I mean, I could walk down the steps and back up them two weeks ago! Don’t worry, it won’t be much longer.” He said, his signature smile not leaving his face. “Hopefully that goes the same for me.”
“Oh seventy-four isn’t a bad number! Let me guess, you’re pregnant right now? Cut yourself some slack, you’ll finish, I’ll come home, we’ll get married and live happily ever after. Even though we’re pretty happy right now.” His voice was smooth and melodic. “Thank you for the pep talk Mr. Optimistic. It’s truly appreciated.”
“Oh, I try. Oh shoot. I gotta go! Good luck kiss?” He asked, turning his cheek. I blue him a kiss, and he acted like through all of those miles he received it. “You’ll do fine.” “Love you.” He whispered. “Love you too.” He clicked off, and I went off into the kitchen.
Screenshot-4“Is it terrible that I don’t believe Matthew?” I asked Bridget walking into the kitchen. She stepped back from the snow cone machine and stared me down with a scowl on her face.
Screenshot-6“Caiti. Matthew is a big boy now. Trust me. He’ll be alright. Okay?” I rolled my eyes at her. “Everything will work out in the end. It always does.” She said, and she turned back to the machine to concoct a frozen treat even though the weather outside was chilly and damp.
Screenshot-19I left Bridget to her ridiculous treat makings, and wandered into the living room. I felt the little kick, signaling that I was, in fact, having a baby. Big surprise, huh?
Screenshot-15My phone finally rang on the third day of waiting. I answered it hurriedly. “Hey!” I said excitedly. I heard the soft chuckle of my soon to be husband. It was a weird thought, us getting married after waiting so long. That was another day I longed for. Soon, I reminded myself, soon. “Hello!” Matthew answered back as enthusiastically. “So…?” I asked hanging. “Well. Good thing is that I can walk! Yay! Bad news; they have to do more testing to make sure I’m 100%, but the doctor said it shouldn’t take so long!” I didn’t know what to feel. It was great that he was now walking and that things were looking up, but he was still out of arms reach. “That’s great!” I told him. We talked for a few hours, joking and filling each other in on any new things. It was amazing how we could pull so many stories from three short days apart from communicating. It was just something we were good at.
Screenshot-12The weather was slowly getting cooler and cooler, so I made some well deserved hot-chocolate. It was much better than a snow-cone, that Bridget had now been making religiously. It warmed me up and almost made going outside seem like a possibility.

Screenshot-20I was moments away from actually grabbing my jacket and a nice big umbrella when the all-too familiar pains of labor kicked in. Just when I thought I was used to the pains of labor I experienced them and was reminded that no preparation could prepare you for this.
Screenshot-26Long stories aside, I was soon holding a small buddle of blue in my arms. Cana, I decided to name him.
Screenshot-25Soon after setting small Cana in his crib another little baby of blue showed his face. Jei, I decided to call him was definitely a loud one.

Screenshot-24The final addition to the Murray household was small Aki. She was the runt of the litter, if I did say so myself.
Screenshot-29Since more babies were soon to come, I aged the three of them up into lovely little toddlers. Each of them are werewolves; don’t know what to feed them quite yet! I was ready to train my pups though, soon they would be walking, talking, potty using little kids. I got online as soon as possible to meet up with another father. It was time to finish this thing.
Welcome to the world Jei, Cana, and Aki. Babies 75, 76, and 77.